Villa La Coccola

Pool and pool area

An astonishing ochre cliff with huge and imposing cantilevered travertine monoliths. A wet and cool balcony watching over the deep and wide view of the beautiful Tuscan landscape. The travertine paving with ochre inserts and the larch paving around. The blue of the sky and the deep blue of the shining water. The landscaping with coloured flowers. The contrast between the free shapes of nature and the precise lines of the architecture.

All have been weaved together to equip the villa with an exceptional amenity.

Ph  C. Giancaterino | 2021

Ph M. Guercini | 2020

Ph  M. Guercini | 2019

Year: 2019

Location: Montemorli | Poggibonsi | Si | It

Type: Architecture | Amenities

Status: Completed

Client: Private | Italian